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Business Issues

Securing a private sector-led recovery is essential to delivering long-term sustainable growth in the UK. To achieve this we have identified a number of business issues where action is needed to ensure firms are best able to compete effectively and create employment.

The business issues you can see below fit within the broad themes of delivering economic growth and balanced public finances, building a flexible high-skilled labour market, reforming public services and working towards a sustainable future.

In all these areas we will work with businesses to draw up policy proposals, highlight where current policies are working, campaign against unnecessary regulations and identify initiatives that can best help employers take advantage of business opportunities.

Image of Education


Image of Our priorities

Our priorities

Image of Business university collaboration

Business university collaboration

Image of Construction


Image of Creative industries

Creative industries

Image of The economy

The economy

Image of Education and skills

Education and skills

Image of Employment


Image of Energy


Image of Financial services

Financial services

Image of Infrastructure


Image of Innovation


Image of Manufacturing


Image of Public services

Public services

Image of Tax and regulation

Tax and regulation

Image of Technology


Image of Trust in business

Trust in business

Image of UK and the European Union

UK and the European Union

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