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Energy and climate change

Tackling our energy and climate change challenges in a smart way will ensure that the UK is greening and growing for the future

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19 April 2016

The United Kingdom and France recently presented a joint non-paper which aims to provide greater information on the practical implementation of tiered approach. While the CBI welcomes the tiered approach’s objectives to ensure a more efficient distribution of free allowances, it believes such an approach is unnecessary. 

31 March 2016

With crisis in the steel industry dominating the headlines, it is important to remember that all energy intensive industries face the challenges of high energy costs. With decarbonisation of the economy underway, it is essential that we support the role for these vital industries both now and in a low carbon future.

31 March 2016

Discussions on post-2020 emissions trading are heating up. The UK has published, with partners, a “non-paper” with a tiered approach to carbon leakage risk, but will it work for everyone?