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Maximising the potential of green business

Tackling our energy and climate change challenges in a way that creates growth, prosperity and opportunity for all

Securing affordable and low-carbon energy supply

A secure, sustainable and affordable energy supply is essential to any advanced economy. To achieve this in the UK we must attract £100bn of private sector capital to invest across a range of fuels and technologies, including nuclear, renewables, gas and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). To inspire confidence among businesses and the public we need a clear, stable and long-term policy framework with the right conditions to attract business in a world where money is mobile and can be invested anywhere.

Playing a global role

We need strong action overseas to support our energy and climate change ambitions. In Europe, we need a constructive approach to shaping the energy and climate agenda that demonstrates the UK's positive influence within the EU. We must also secure an ambitious and durable international climate deal in Paris this year, which supports growth of global low-carbon markets and enables business to operate on a level playing field.

Delivering for consumers

Consumers are at the heart of tackling our energy and climate change challenges. Rising energy bills are a long-term reality, so people must understand what they are paying for and why, in particular, the costs and benefits of the low-carbon transition. We also need a bigger effort to put people in control of their energy future. A crucial step in this is to ensure a dynamic and competitive market, where consumers can easily engage and there is a clear plan to tackle the energy efficiency challenge.

Supporting business energy users

Every business in every sectors has a role in the UK's transition to a low-carbon economy, but many firms face rising energy costs. For Energy intensive industries especially, these costs may make them less competitive, so it is crucial that we develop a pro-growth and pro-jobs energy and climate change strategy. Policy must support businesses in managing the low carbon transition by helping them reduce energy demand and invest in innovative low-carbon technologies.