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These are the latest CBI survey dates.

3 August – SME Trends Survey (0001)

23 August – Monthly Industrial Trends Survey (1100)

25 August – Quarterly Distributive Trades Survey (1100)

30 August – Service Sector Survey (0001)

Image of CBI comments on Hinkley Point delay

29 Jul 2016

The CBI commented on the decision by the Government to delay approval for the construction of Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset.

Image of CBI comments on Hinkley Point nuclear power station

28 Jul 2016

The CBI commented on the approval for the construction of Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset by the board of EDF.

Image of Economic update

28 Jul 2016

Our regular roundup of the key economic indicators.

Image of Westminster roundup

28 Jul 2016

In the weeks following the referendum result and formation of the new government, the CBI has hit the ground running with engagement with new ministers.


Image of CBI on Intergenerational Commission

28 Jul 2016

In a speech at the launch of the Intergenerational Commission, Carolyn Fairbairn set out the challenges facing young people, and how business can help to address them.

Image of The Right Combination on skills

28 Jul 2016

As the UK carves out a new economic future following the vote to leave the EU, ensuring we have the skills to compete is more important than ever.

Image of Launch of Shaping our Future

28 Jul 2016

The CBI has published priorities that CBI members believe can assist in their approach to the future EU negotiations.


Image of Supreme Court rules on Immigration Executive Order

28 Jul 2016

The Supreme Court deadlock in the case, United States v. Texas, has indefinitely suspended the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA), which was issued by President Obama to grant working permits to eligible undocumented immigrants.

Image of U.S. Economic Update

28 Jul 2016

Throughout the month of June, the labor market has shown continued signs of slowing growth, which was marked by an increase in the unemployment rate to 4.9%.  Despite this slowdown, the average hourly earnings in the U.S. has continued to rise. 

Image of An Update on the Iran Nuclear Deal

28 Jul 2016

It’s been one year since the Joint comprehensive Plan of Action was signed, and seven months since its implementation. With deadlines and goals being met by the Iranian government across the board, the outlook is positive, despite numerous variables that could affect the future of the deal.