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27 November – Quarterly Service Sector Survey (0001)

29 November - Growth Indicator for November (0001)


17 December – Monthly Industrial Trends Survey (1100)

21 December – Monthly Distributive Trades Survey (1100)

23 December - Growth Indicator (0001)


29 Nov 2015

UK economic growth remained steady in the three months to November albeit at a slower pace than a few months ago, according to the latest CBI Growth Indicator.

27 Nov 2015

Firms’ investment in technology to improve productivity reaches record high

26 Nov 2015

The Federal Reserve has been hinting at an interest rate increase for several months now.  A shockingly robust jobs report for October seems to indicate that the rate increase will happen in December.

26 Nov 2015

The Syrian refugee crisis that has been at the forefront in Europe for months is finally making waves in America.  Following the recent tragic attack in Paris, Congressional and public sentiment has sharply turned against allowing refugees in to the country.

26 Nov 2015

One year has now passed since President Obama issued a sweeping immigration reform in an executive order.  But, despite the bold move by the President to circumvent the legislature by individually acting on immigration reform, the plan is now stalled in the courts. 

26 Nov 2015

On 4 December the CBI will host a mobile enrolment team from the US Embassy to facilitate cleared applicants to complete the in-person interview stage of the Global Entry trusted traveller programme which is being expanded to include UK citizens for the first time.

26 Nov 2015

To retrofit the UK’s housing stock at scale, consumers need to be at the heart of the domestic energy efficiency agenda. In light of recent policy announcements on the Green Deal and zero carbon homes, business wants to see a refreshed policy framework that drives consumer action.

26 Nov 2015

The CBI responded to the British Polling Council’s (BPC) backing of its 2013 EU survey of members.

26 Nov 2015

The CBI Northern Ireland Director, Nigel Smyth, has announced he will be retiring in August 2016, after 25 years as Director and over 26 years working for the CBI.

26 Nov 2015

Paul Drechsler, CBI President, has challenged companies to better engage with schools in disadvantaged areas - including greater involvement at local primary schools.